Willing To Work When Pandemic, Amazon Spread Bonuses To Workers To Rp. 42 Million Per Person

Willing to Work When Pandemic, Amazon Spread Bonuses to Workers to Rp. 42 Million per Person

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Jakarta Amazon.com Inc. announced a one-time bonus of USD 500 to employees and partners working in the vanguard during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While employees and partners who have been with this company throughout June will receive bonuses ranging from USD 150 to USD 3,000.

Launching from the company blog About Amazon, Wednesday (6/30/2020), here are the details of the bonus given by the company built by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

1. USD 500 bonus for Amazon full-time employees, Whole Foods Market employees, and Delivery Service Partner drivers

2. Bonus of USD 250 for Amazon part-time employees, Whole Foods Market employees, and Delivery Service Partner drivers

3. A bonus of 1,000 USD for all Amazon frontline leaders and the Whole Foods Market

4. Bonus of USD 3,000 for Shipping Service Partner owners

5. A bonus of USD 150 for each Amazon Flex driver with more than 10 hours in June.

"Once again, thank you and thank you for the truly extraordinary commitment to the customers that you have shown throughout this trip. I have never been more proud of our team," wrote Amazon's Chief of Operations, Dave Clark on the blog.

However, the largest online retail company in the world, which sends about 10 billion items per year, has faced strict scrutiny from US lawmakers and unions about whether the bonus is enough to protect staff from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon employees in Germany will go on strike today, Monday (6/29/2020) in protest at their safety.

This action, according to Verdi's local trade union, follows news that several employees at the Amazon logistics center have tested positive for Covid-19 infection.

"We have information that at least 30 to 40 of our colleagues are infected with [Covid-19]," Verdi representative Orhan Akman was quoted as saying by Reuters on Monday (6/29/2020).

The employees plan to go on strike for at least 48 hours. This action is also a form of criticism for the lack of transparency of the company after the workers tested positive for being infected with Covid-19.

This action will affect six company locations in the cities of Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld, Rheinberg, Werne, and Koblenz. Trade unions say the Amazon prefers profits rather than the safety of its workers.

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