Wow, My Wife Persecuted Her Husband Until She Was Battered In Kupang

Wow, my wife persecuted her husband until she was battered in Kupang

Wife Persecuted Husband

Kupang - A housewife (IRT) named, Astuti Tawil (39), was reported by her own husband to the Kupang City Police, for allegedly abusing her .

This resident of Jalan Trikora RT 007 RW 003 Air Mata Village, Kota Lama District, Kupang City was reported by her husband, Farid Djawas with police number LP / B / 542 / V / 2020 / SPK Kupang Kota Resort on May 9, 2020.

Apparently, the two married couples who just got married in January 2020 do not want to mediate. The reason is, in a notification letter to the Head of the Kupang City Prosecutor's Office with the number: B / 212 / IX / 2020 / Reskrim dated 21 September 2020 which was signed by the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kupang City Police, Iptu Hasri Jaha, revealed that Astuti had been named a suspect in persecution on Saturday 19 September 2020.

In the letter, it was explained that Astuti was accused of Article 44 paragraph (1) of Law Number 23 of 2004 concerning the elimination of domestic violence .

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for Kupang City Police, Iptu Hasri Jaha confirmed this. According to him, the case was reported by the suspect's husband in May.

"Yes, we have mediated but failed. The wife of the reporter has been upgraded to become a suspect," he said.

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