Youth Killed By Mysterious Bullets, South Tangerang Police Field Checks

Youth Killed by Mysterious Bullets, South Tangerang Police Field Checks

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TANGERANG SELATAN - A young man named Dicky Hermawan (22) was killed by a mysterious bullet. He had received treatment at the clinic, then was referred to the Mitra Keluarga Hospital until he was finally declared dead.

Okezone tried to trace the chronology of Dicky's shooting. Information states that the incident took place on Friday, August 7, 2020 afternoon. The teenager who lives in Kampung Medang, RT02 RW03, Medang, Pagedangan, Tangerang Regency, returned home covered in blood.

He rode a motorcycle shirtless. Arriving at the yard of the house, Dicky lay limp. Then the family and neighbors were rushed to the nearest midwife clinic. At that time, Dicky's position was unconscious. A few moments later, he was taken to the Mitra Keluarga Hospital and died at around 22.50 WIB.

Dicky's stepfather, with the initials AR (51), at first seemed worried about the incident. Although after being explained, in the end he was willing to share some of the testimonies he knew.

"So when he returned home he could still ride a motorbike, not wear clothes, his back had a lot of blood, there were bullet holes," he said, Saturday (8/8/2020).

AR revealed that Dicky had previously left the house at around 16.30 WIB with the excuse of wanting to meet friends. However, one hour later, at around 17.30 WIB, Dicky returned home with this condition.

"He said his friend called him, then went out on a motorbike," he said.

Dicky's body was buried this afternoon. The police were also at the location. The testimony that Dicky had been shot by a bullet was also conveyed by the neighbors who had provided assistance.

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However, the police did not want to comment further on the shooting. When confirmed, Kasatreskrim Tangsel Police, AKP Muharam Wibisono, answered briefly that he would first check the incident.

"I'll check first," he said.

Dicky himself does not have a permanent job. Filling in his daily activities, he works odd jobs. Later, he helped maintain the location of the project land in the Pagedangan area and its surroundings.


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